Wireless Status

The Wireless Status screen (Status > Wireless Status) shows a list of access points within range of the wireless radio, along with various statistics about the access points detected.

If a wireless card is acting as an access point, a list of associated clients is displayed along with related information.

This page is only available when a wireless interface is detected in the firewall.

Access Point/Ad-Hoc Peer Capabilities

Name Description
WME Wireless Multimedia Extensions (QoS)
WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access
WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup
RSN 802.11i - Robust Secure Network
HTCAP 802.11n - High Throughput (HT)
ATH Atheros protocol extensions
VEN Unknown vendor-specific extensions

Access Point/Ad-Hoc Peer Flags

Flag Description
E ESS Mode (Access Point)
I IBSS Mode (Infrastructure/Client)
c CF Pollable
C CF Poll Request
P Privacy
S Short Preamble
A Channel Agility
s Short Slot Time

Peer Status Flags

Flag Description
A Authorized for Data
E Extended Rate (ERP), 802.11g
P Power Save Mode
H High Throughput (HT)
H+ HT Compat mode (Setup with vendor OUIs)
W Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
N Transitional Security Network (TSN) association
T Aggregated MAC Protocol Data Unit (AMPDU) Transmit
R AMPDU Receive
M MIMO Power Save
M+ MIMO Power Save with RTS
I Reduced Interframe Space (RIFS)
S Short GI in HT40
S+ Short GI in HT40 and HT20
s Short GI in HT20
t Aggregated MAC Service Data Unit (AMSDU) Transmit
r AMSDU Receive