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Viewing Routes

From the pfSense® webGUI, the routing table on the firewall can be viewed at Diagnostics > Routes. IPv4 and IPv6 routes are displayed.

Each line shows the destination network, gateway by which it can be reached, routing flags, number of references and times the route has been used, the MTU, and the interface through which the routed traffic will go.

The list of routes supports pagination and filtering to aid with viewing large routing tables such as those found with a full BGP feed.

  • Name Resolution: When checked, DNS will be consulted to show hostnames rather than IP addresses for route table entries. This will cause a delay and performance penalty.

  • Number of rows: By default, 100 rows are displayed. If this is too many or too few, choose a new value.

  • Filter expression: Search the route table for entries matching a specified string.

  • Update: Click this button to save settings and redisplay the routing table.