List of Routing Table Flags

From the man page:

Letter Flag Meaning
1 RTF_PROTO1 Protocol specific routing flag #1
2 RTF_PROTO2 Protocol specific routing flag #2
3 RTF_PROTO3 Protocol specific routing flag #3
B RTF_BLACKHOLE Just discard pkts (during updates)
b RTF_BROADCAST The route represents a broadcast address
C RTF_CLONING Generate new routes on use
c RTF_PRCLONING Protocol-specified generate new routes on use
D RTF_DYNAMIC Created dynamically (by redirect)
G RTF_GATEWAY Destination requires forwarding by intermediary
H RTF_HOST Host entry (net otherwise)
L RTF_LLINFO Valid protocol to link address translation
M RTF_MODIFIED Modified dynamically (by redirect)
R RTF_REJECT Host or net unreachable
S RTF_STATIC Manually added
U RTF_UP Route usable
W RTF_WASCLONED Route was generated as a result of cloning
X RTF_XRESOLVE External daemon translates proto to link address