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Resetting Connection States

To clear all active connection states from the pfSense® webGUI, visit Diagnostics > States, then go to Reset States tab.

The Firewall state table box must be checked as a safety precaution, then click the Reset button.

Before proceeding, be sure to read the warning text, reproduced below:

Resetting the state tables will remove all entries from the corresponding tables. This means that all open connections will be broken and will have to be re-established. This may be necessary after making substantial changes to the firewall and/or NAT rules, especially if there are IP protocol mappings (e.g. for PPTP or IPv6) with open connections.

The firewall will normally leave the state tables intact when changing rules.

If the firewall state table is reset, the browser session may appear to be hung after clicking Reset. Simply refresh the page to continue.