Troubleshooting XMLRPC Configuration SynchronizationΒΆ

The following items must be checked to ensure proper XMLRPC configuration synchronization between two nodes:

  1. The Username must be admin on all nodes
  2. The Password must match on all nodes
  3. The webConfigurator must be on the same protocol on each cluster node (HTTP vs. HTTPS)
  4. The webConfigurator must be on the same port on each cluster node (e.g. 443)
  5. The Sync interface on the secondary node must be enabled
  6. The interfaces on all nodes must be assigned in the same order
  7. The Synchronize Config to IP option on the primary must point to the sync interface IP address of the secondary
  8. Traffic must be permitted to the webConfigurator port on sync interface of the secondary node
  9. Verify that ONLY the primary node has the various XMLRPC config sync options checked
    1. Remove any IP address in the XMLRPC Sync section of the config on the secondary server(s)