Plain MAC Authentication with FreeRADIUS

Using Plain MAC Auth (other than 802.1x) with the FreeRADIUS 2.x package

When should Plain MAC Auth be used?

State of the art NAS (switches) can do 802.1X and MAC auth. When using 802.1X the NAS sends an Access-Request with username and password to the RADIUS. This is what is entered in FreeRADIUS > Users. These NAS often support the ability to put the Calling-Station-Id (MAC) of hosts into the username and password field. This can be entered in FreeRADIUS > Users, too.

But older NAS equipment is not able to do 802.1X but only Plain MAC Auth. These NAS can not send any username and password but only the Calling-Station-Id. FreeRADIUS Package is able to perform first a check against a list of MACs (authorized_macs) and if this fails then do a check against all the other modules like CHAP, EAP and so.

I would advise to only enable plain MAC auth if absolutely necessary. This will make processing of requests faster. This chapter is based on this page.

How to enable Plain MAC Auth

  • Check FreeRADIUS > Settings, Enable Plain MAC Auth to enable plain MAC auth

  • Add a MAC address by visiting FreeRADIUS > MACs. The format must be aa-bb-cc-11-22-33