Converting Packages to Bootstrap

For help converting older packages and PHP pages to Bootstrap format, see and Bootstrap Conversion Notes for general Bootstrap help and information.

Packages for pfSense® software version 2.3 are built from files in the pfSense copy of the FreeBSD ports repository, not from the older pfSense-packages repository.

pfSense packages contain the files needed for the package to operate and also act as “meta” ports that include the proper dependencies to pull in binary packages if needed. See Package Port Directory Structure for more information on the new package port structure. And Developing Packages for general information on developing packages.

For package maintainers the primary differences are:

  • Which repository to send a PR against

  • Locating the package among the other ports can be more difficult. See Package Port List for a list to make it easier.

  • The package version must be increased in order to trigger a new package to be built, which will all happen automatically thanks to poudriere.

The pfSense package port version does not have to be the same as the underlying software version when using a package that requires additional software.


Packages that only use .xml files to draw forms need no conversion, they’re OK as-is! Only packages which use PHP files need intervention.

For examples of a conversion, see some work in progress on the OpenVPN Client Export Package and System Patches packages.

The current process should be close to this:

  • Fork and check out a copy of the pfSense FreeBSD-ports repository

  • Start making changes to the package files in pfsense/freebsd-ports

  • Be sure to update the version in the port’s Makefile as well as files/usr/local/share/pfSense-pkg-/info.xml and in files/usr/local/pkg/.xml (See Package Port Directory Structure)

  • Submit a pull request to the pfsense/freebsd-ports repository with the updated files

Once the PR is merged, the package builder will see the version change and automatically build a new copy of the package.

Start a new thread on the Development category on the forum to solicit testing and advice/help as needed.