Configuring Additional Logging for FreeRADIUSΒΆ

How to get additional logging detail from the FreeRADIUS package.

It is possible to add additional logging information if a user authenticates with correct or incorrect credentials. Instead of Login: OK or Login: incorrect any FreeRADIUS attribute may be added. So it is able to get the remaining daily amount of time a user has, the Bandwidth the user is limited to or the IP address. Here is an example and how it looks afterwards in syslog.

  • FreeRADIUS > Settings: Enable logging, good attempts and/or bad attempts

    • Edit: Additional information for bad attempts

    • Edit: Additional information for good attempts

Host IP-Address: %{Framed-IP-Address} accepted using Auth-Type:
%{control:Auth-Type} Remaining volume down/up: %{reply:Acct-Output-
Octets}/%{reply:Acct-Input-Octets} Remaining online-time: %{reply:Session-
Timeout} Maximum simultaneous connections: %{check:Simultaneous-Use} Bandwidth
down/up: %{reply:WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down}/%{reply:WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up}

This is how it looks in syslog:

radiusd[51547]: Login OK: [myuser/mypass] (from client captiveportal port 35
cli 00:04:23:5c:9d:19) Host IP-Address: accepted using Auth-Type:
PAP Remaining volume down/up: 1787444/979428 Remaining online-time: 7174
Maximum simultaneous connections: 2 Bandwidth down/up: 1000000/128000

This may help with syntax: It must be specified if the value of an attribute is in a request or a reply or something else. Outer.request is for EAP-TTLS or PEAP.

  • %{request:Attribute-Name}

  • %{reply:Attribute-Name}

  • %{check:Attribute-Name}

  • %{control:Auth-Type}

  • %{outer.reqest:User-Name}